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International Humanity Foundation Charity In San Diego California

International Humanity Foundation

 San Diego     California

http://www.ihfonline.org     << Visit Website

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International Humanity Foundation Charity Profile

International Humanity Foundation focuses on educating and feeding children who come from the most marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds. IHF has set up orphanages in Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand. We seek to provide a way for children to get an education that they desperately desire and are not able to receive. By educating and teaching these children that they are significant and competent, we also teach them that everyone has a voice that matters. IHF promotes self-sufficiency in the communities we work in, primarily focusing on the education, nutrition, and care of children. IHF encourages understanding and caring between people of all nations and religions in order to better prepare the leaders of future generations. We believe that by promoting communication and understanding between students from the poorest of the poor and students in America, we will all be better educated by this exchange. We desire for every student in the United States to have communication with students abroad who are different both culturally and socioeconomic ally, in order for all students to be educated about the world they live in.

International Humanity Foundation Volunteer Information

The International Humanity Foundation is looking for volunteers for our centers in Indonesia, Thailand and Kenya.

Work: IHF likes to look after its volunteers, utilizing skills people have to offer and developing new skills which you can put on your resume. Teaching English to the kids is an amazing experience and you will learn skills for future work. Work with IHF is not only fulfilling but fun too!

Cost: IHF wants to keep its doors open to all volunteers. Thus there is no application fee, but we charge USD $50 a week for room and board, a bed and three (very simple and basic) meals a day. Any extra needs must be covered by your own finances. We ask that you cover your own airfare costs, visas and insurance.

Salary / Pay: All positions are voluntary, we are a non-profit organization.

Volunteer Type: Building schools, community development, childcare/children, culture, curriculum planning, disability issues, economic development education, English teaching, health, health care, health education, homelessness, hospital, housing, human rights, literacy, marketing, medicine, nutrition, orphans, popular education, primary education, street kids, teaching, women, water, writing, youth, youth development, academic reinforcement, AIDS/HIV, appropriate technology

Typical Volunteer: A typical volunteer has a passion to be immersed in different cultures. S/He typically ends up working in an orphanage or school assisting with teaching English and working with the children. Special projects constantly arise where physical help is needed. For example, moving food during famine feeds and monitoring children during breaks. The volunteer has a lot of say in what s/he does as long as it is approved by the director and follows the mission of IHF.

Available To Participants: World wide

Typical Living Arrangement: Group living

Participants Travel: Independently

Typically Participants Work: Independently or in groups, depending on site

Application Requires: Phone interview, resume, written application

-English speaker
-Mature and responsible
-Team player
-Fast learner with a great attitude
-Interested in global change through education and service
-Comfort in new, different cultures

Most importantly, an open heart and a willingness to help others and make a difference!

International Humanity Foundation Donation Information

IHF has several programs in place for donations!

You can choose to sponsor an orphan, class or medical care for a child. The cost to do so is US$37/month for orphans, US$10/month for TEP (Teaching English Program) classes and US$15/month for medical care.

You can also choose to make a general donation, to be put to use where most needed.

All of IHF’s administrative work is performed by volunteers from around the world, reducing our overhead costs and ensuring that every dollar donated goes directly to our children, not to bloated salaries of administrators. We are funded by donations, sponsorship and the generosity of our CEO, Ms. Carol Sasaki.

Please visit our website for full details on donating or sponsorship!

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