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The SPCA for Monterey County Charity In Monterey California

The Spca For Monterey County

 Monterey     California

http://www.spcamc.org     << Visit Website

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The SPCA for Monterey County Charity Profile

The SPCA for Monterey County is a nonprofit ,donor-supported humane society that has been serving the animals and people of Monterey County since 1905. We shelter homeless,neglected and abused pets and livestock,and provide humane education and countless other services to the community. We are the local agency you call to investigate animal cruelty, rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife, and aid domestic animals in distress. Our mission is to assure compassionate and humane treatment of all animals in our community.

The SPCA for Monterey County Volunteer Information

Animal Companion: Volunteers provide affection, exercise, companionship, play and basic training for shelter animals. Bathe and groom dogs and cats to keep them looking their best for adoption. Assist with pet laundry and dishes.

Benefit Shop: Volunteers assist with sales, pricing, sorting and the occasional pick up of donated merchandise. Proceeds from these shops provide a significant funding source for SPCA operations and programs. The SPCA Benefit Shop is located in Carmel.

Clerical/Bookkeeping: Assist staff with mailings, typing, data entry, light bookkeeping, running errands and other vital office tasks.

Spay /Neuter Clinic: Assist clinic staff with cleaning surgical instruments and sterilizing spay/neuter surgical packs. Help with the pet laundry, cleaning cages and kennels. Assist with filing and other necessary office duties.

Shelter Greeter: Greet customers with friendly smiles and assistance as they enter the Pet Adoption Center lobby.

Adoption Guide: Help to ensure a long lasting and happy relationship by helping to guide prospective pet owners to select an animal companion that suits their life style and housing.

Foster Friends Program: As a Foster Friends volunteer you are providing an invaluable service for the animals in your care. Prepare underage, orphaned, or injured dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens to live in loving and permanent homes with your support and a little TLC. The Foster Friends experience is rewarding for both animal and foster parent alike.

Special Events: The SPCA is not affiliated with any national humane organization and does not receive any state or federal funding. This means that we rely on the generosity of donors to fund our programs. Volunteers help with our annual events, such as the Pet Telethon, the Wag n' Walk, and the Wild Celebration.

Grounds Maintenance: Volunteers may assist with the maintenance of our 218 acres. Gardening, painting, facility clean-up and special projects are just a few of the grounds maintenance opportunities available to volunteers.

Hug-A-Pet: This program provides visitations to care facilities by SPCA volunteers and their own companion animals. Volunteers must be compassionate and understanding of the various physical and psychological needs of the patients. All Hug-A-Pet dogs must be certified as Canine Good Citizens or Certified Therapy Dogs. Volunteers provide their own transportation and commit to an established visitation schedule.

Junior Volunteers: Junior volunteers become more knowledgeable about animals and their needs. This is the basis for an awareness of the need of all living creatures for care and love, and the developing of attitudes of kindness and thoughtfulness in human relationships. Click here to print out a Junior Volunteer Application.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation: Volunteers help staff rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Jobs include preparing meals, laundry, cleaning cages, transportation, general facility maintenance, record keeping, feeding wildlife and assisting with their care. During baby bird season (March-September), a large group of volunteers are needed to assist with the feeding of the baby birds. In addition, volunteers may help with the release of healthy animals back into the wild.

The SPCA for Monterey County Donation Information

The SPCA for Monterey County is the heart of animal rescue since 1905. We rely entirely on donations to support our vital services and programs. We receive no tax dollars and we are not affiliated with any other SPCA or humane society. Your donation stays right here in Monterey County to help people and animals in need.

Donation Options:   

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The SPCA for Monterey County In The News

SPCA for Monterey County wildlife fundraiser soars

384 days ago From The Salinas Californian   View Archived Article

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA - It all goes to the organization's Wildlife Center to help injured and found creatures. "We get all sorts of wildlife," said event coordinator Marie Lefebvre. "We get animals ranging from owls to bobcats to pelicans. "Highest b ...

Baby Barn Owls Reunited After Unplanned Hayride

532 days ago From KIONrightnow.com   View Archived Article

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA - The SPCA is offering training to new volunteers who would like to assist with the care and rehabilitation of wild animals at The SPCA Wildlife Center, the only full service wildlife rehabilitation center serving Monterey County. ...

Barn owl released in Markham Ranch

1021 days ago From The Salinas Californian   View Archived Article

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA - Technicians from the SPCA for Monterey County's Wildlife Center rescued the bird and found no broken bones or cuts, said Dawn Robles, the center's interim ...

Abused hawk found in Salinas with cut feathers

1064 days ago From San Jose Mercury News   View Archived Article

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - An abused hawk is recovering at a Monterey County wildlife center after it was found with sores on its body and its talons and feathers crudely cut. ...

SPCA's golden eagle faces surgery

1079 days ago From The Salinas Californian   View Archived Article

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA - The 8-pound male eagle was found Saturday lying in a vineyard near Soledad and was first reported as a hawk, said Rosanna Leighton, wildlife center ...

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