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CLEM Comunidad de Libertad y Esperanza de la Mujer Charity In Montero Bolivia

Clem Comunidad De Libertad Y Esperanza De La Mujer

 Montero     Bolivia

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CLEM Comunidad de Libertad y Esperanza de la Mujer Charity Profile

CLEM is an acronym from the Spanish “Comunidad de Libertad y Esperanza de la Mujer” meaning Community of Freedom and Hope for Women.
It is the name of an ecumenical group of disadvantaged women, of all faiths and none, who live in Montero, a town of 90,000 people in the tropical plains of Bolivia. CLEM was founded in 1995 by eight Methodist women with one aim – to change and transform their everyday lives. In 1995 a Methodist NETWORK grant enabled the women to set up a “Women’s space” which they maintained by running a photocopying service for the local Methodist school and small businesses in the town. In 1997 the group had grown to 15 women and started a sewing service making simple shoulder bags from Bolivian cloth in order to raise funds to build a Medical Center that would prioritize the health of women. Today, CLEM is a legally registered Bolivian charity with a membership of 30 poor women. It runs a variety of vocational meetings, has purchased the CLEM House and has finished building the CLEM Medical Center for women and the family to provide much needed health care in the seven most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Montero. While maintaining the running of the CLEM Medical Center, the women are now seeking funds:
1. to extend the CLEM “House” to accommodate their office, sewing and knitting workshops, vocational courses, and computer training;
2. to set up an additional office for the Defence and Protection of Women; and
3. to provide shelter for women and girls escaping from violence in the home.

CLEM Comunidad de Libertad y Esperanza de la Mujer Volunteer Information

The volunteer program was designed to meet the many needs of this marginalized area and to support the community in areas of activities that may be difficult or even impossible to implement without external support such as labor, material, financial resources, skills, knowledge, and so on. In addition, the program was designed to establish a sustainable volunteer base where volunteers can focus their efforts in building healthy environments and supporting local health workers. It offers volunteers and local staff opportunities for mutual learning, sharing, and the building of friendships. All of this is included in a work-cultural schedule, which as a whole, can provide a transformative experience that allows the volunteers to see a new perspective of the human being, which helps give a new reason for living.
One of the goals of the CLEM volunteer program is the promotion of community development. The assignment of volunteers in each sector will enable efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of programs and the quality and diversity of products for the local market and internationally.
• Improving the standard of living of the population
• Providing specialized health care
• Bring in community development
• Being part of new experiences and knowledge for volunteers and local people.

CLEM Comunidad de Libertad y Esperanza de la Mujer Donation Information

Presently it is impossible to donate directly to CLEM in Bolivia. However the products made by CLEM can be purchased through a UK based charity ´Friends of CLEM´ which supports CLEM in Bolivia. Their online shop can be found at


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